• Green roof media not only has to both retain and drain water, it also has to keep these properties for a very long time.
  • To support plant growth, the product must also have the proper nutrients, pH, and salinity levels.
  • Material is often placed
    using pneumatic blower trucks.

Green Roofs

Combining lightweight aggregates with varying amounts of organic matter creates a lightweight planting media for intensive and/or extensive rooftop gardens.

These designer soils can be created or altered to meet design specifications or address precise project requirements. Designer soils are often required for rooftop gardens, raised planters, containers and urban tree plantings.

Natural sand and soil are heavy. Because of their weight, structural modifications are often required to incorporate a green roof into a project’s design. Native soils have silts and clays that may clog the filter materials or drainage layer and reduce effectiveness.

The physical properties of natural volcanic aggregates vary widely with source and location. Organic materials may degrade and compact over time, and require additions to or replacement of planting media. Some horticultural products used in greenhouses and container planting, such as vermiculite and perlite, are extremely light in weight and do not offer adequate anchorage and support for larger plants. In exterior applications vermiculite and perlite often float to the top of the planting media where they can be carried away by wind or water.

Expanded lightweight aggregates are an all-natural, eco-friendly, non-degradable soil enhancer. This material has a higher absorption rate than competitive products and helps neutralize acid rain runoff and maintain pH levels in the growing medium.

Selected Case Studies

Convention Center Green Roof Aids in Stormwater Management

Convention Center Green Roof Aids in Stormwater Management

There’s a meadow five stories above the busy city streets of Nashville complete with green grass and rolling hills. This green space in the sky is actually the roof of a new convention center in the Music City.

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Ponce City Market: Atlanta Landmark Boasts Beautiful Rooftop Retreat

Ponce City Market: Atlanta Landmark Boasts Beautiful Rooftop Retreat

One of the central features of a revitalized Atlanta landmark is the building's greenroof, which serves as a gathering spot and recreational area for tenants and visitors.

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