Lightweight Block Provides Numerous Benefits

For years Shannon Tayes, owner of Tayes Masonry in Smithville, Tennessee, has used Q-LITE® in his projects and he's still amazed at how the lightweight block achieves its fire rating. “It’s actually amazing how light they are…I don’t know how they do it,” he says.

Shannon Tayes

Tayes has been a mason for over 25 years. He started in the trenches laying block and today owns his own masonry company that serves customers throughout Middle Tennessee. He particularly likes to use four-hour rated Q-LITE block. “They’re extremely light and they’ve got thick walls,” says Tayes. “The Q-LITE get the fire ratings necessary for four hours and they’re actually lighter than the lightweights,” he says.

Another selling point for Tayes is the fact with Q-LITE block, there’s no need to pour the wall solid to achieve a fire rating. “To get a four-hour rating out of a 12-inch block we typically pour it solid with concrete. That’s a whole lot of concrete to fill a 12-inch block and the labor to put that in the wall. It’s just so much better to lay the Q-LITE and save all that concrete and the time of mixing and pouring, then the cleanup of all that. It’s just so much easier to lay the Q-LITEs and you’ve got your rating and it’s done.”

Increased Mason Productivity

Masonry Workers

Tayes says he’s also seen another benefit of Q-LITE concrete masonry units: increased mason productivity. “After a long week in the 90-degree weather, 100-degree temperatures, my masons just lay more block because they’re not wore out,” says Tayes. “You get better production, less injuries because their backs aren’t broke down and it’s just a better situation for the men because they are lighter.”

Masonry Wall

Tayes notes Q-LITE are a bit more expensive, but the finished cost of the wall is well worth the added expense. “The Q-LITE fire block are a little more expensive but it uses a whole lot less concrete and labor. It’s actually cheaper to pay a little more for the block than it is for the labor and to buy the concrete to get the fire rating. Your finish price is well worth it.”

To increase your mason’s productivity and provide your customers with unmatched fire resistance, call 1-800-342-LITE. Arcosa Lightweight can direct you to block producers in your sales region that manufacture concrete masonry units with Q-LITE' exclusive “70-30” blended mix design.

Q-LITE®, a registered trademark of Arcosa Lightweight, are the QUALITY LIGHTWEIGHT concrete masonry units made with Riverlite® the premium lightweight aggregate produced by America's Leader in Lightweight Aggregate.


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