New Stadium Will Be a Small City Unto Itself

A $2.6-billion stadium taking shape on the outskirts of Los Angeles will transform an old horse track into one of the area’s most eagerly anticipated developments. Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park will serve as the new home of the LA Rams while the surrounding area will become a small city in itself.


Arcosa Lightweight’s Frazier Park plant is supplying material used in the cast-in-place structural lightweight concrete for the multipurpose venue’s mezzanine level walkways. “There's about 40,000 cubic yards of lightweight concrete on the slab-on-metal deck on the mezzanine levels, says ARCOSA’s Charles Kerzic. “An equilibrium density of 110 pounds per cubic foot was specified for the concrete on those metal decks.”

In addition to reducing the dead loads for the decks supporting the entry walkways and vendor areas, designers will benefit from lightweight concrete’s fire resistance. “Lightweight has a better fire rating for the same depth of concrete than normal weight concrete. In this case, they won’t have to fireproof the bottom of the decks. That's a cost savings to the ultimate owner,” says Kerzic.

CalPortland, the largest building materials company on the west coast, is using ARCOSA’s Hydrolite product for ready mix concrete batched on-site for the walkways. Hydrolite is lightweight aggregate that’s been quenched with water as the hot material leaves the kiln. “We put it through a water bath which cools the material,” says Kersic. “The material sucks that water in and stays wet, so that's where the name Hydrolite comes from. We soak the material at our plant during the processing time and keep it wet in the stockpile.”

Kerzic notes that Hydrolite saves space at ready mix plants where material storage is often very limited. “If they were to buy it dry, they'd have to have a huge Olympic-sized pool to keep their material in, then let it soak for seven to ten days before they use it in the ready mix. The footprint of a ready mix plant is very tight to begin with, so there's not a whole lot of room to put another 30,000 square foot tank to hold material.”

Because Hydrolite is already pre-soaked, the resulting concrete in the stadium will benefit from internal curing, a process that supplies additional curing water throughout the concrete mixture. “Lightweight concrete offers less cracking and lower shrinkage numbers than standard ready mix concrete. We anticipate they will get tremendous value from the internal curing aspect of it,” says Kerzic.

In addition to the cast-in-place lightweight concrete, Arcosa Lightweight is also supplying Hydrolite to the producer of precast, prestressed seating risers that will be used throughout the stadium.

The swooping wave-like stadium designed by HKS Sports & Entertainment Group, features clear sight lines and a unique “indoor /outdoor feel” built to take advantage of Southern California’s climate and geography. A key feature of the multi-purpose venue will be a transparent 19-acre canopy made of a product called ETFE, a durable fluoropolymer plastic.

In a press release, HKS describes their latest sports venue project: “The form was driven by a number of factors, including air movement, local geographic features, site elements and overall integration into the district. Under this canopy, all sides of the building remain open-air, allowing natural breezes to pass through the venue and encouraging all the public spaces to take advantage of the indoor/outdoor experiences common to the region and lifestyle of Southern Californians.”

Turner/AECOM, a joint venture combining two of the world's largest construction and engineering management firms, is currently tasked with building the massive development. Between them, they have built 17 stadiums for National Football League teams and renovated 10 others. Over the past 15 years, Turner and AECOM have been the two largest builders of sports venue projects in the world.

“It's going to be big,” says Kerzic. “It’ll be home of the Rams and the Chargers and around it will be three thousand residential units, 700-thousand square feet of retail, 800-thousand square feet of commercial buildings, parking structures; it will be a destination in the city of Inglewood.”


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