Frequently Asked Questions

Arcosa Lightweight offers customers a quick guide to the new operational name of Trinity Lightweight. The guide contains answers to frequently asked questions surrounding the recent spinoff from Trinity Industries.

Reid Essl, President of Construction Products at Arcosa, Inc., says all day-to-day operations at the company's lightweight aggregate plants will remain the same. "We are excited about the opportunities the spinoff has and will provide to our Group," says Essl. "Our businesses will continue to provide the reliable and high quality materials you are accustomed to."

Essl says his office tried to anticipate customer questions following the name change and prepared a short list of frequently asked questions. "But in the event you have further payment or credit questions please contact Steven Anzjon at 817-635-8530," he says.

The “Remit To” address remains P.O. Box 911205, Dallas, TX 75391-1205 and the company's tax ID numbers remain the same.

Before the spin-off from Trinity Industries, Reid served as the President of Trinity Construction Materials from 2016 through 2018. Prior to this, he was the Group Chief Financial Officer of Trinity’s Construction, Energy, Marine, and Components businesses. Reid has held a variety of financial, strategic planning, and business development positions since joining Trinity Industries in 2004.

Are there any changes to the names of the Companies that I do business with?
Yes. The following Trinity entities have changed their names: Trinity Materials has changed its name to Arcosa Aggregates. Trinity Lightweight has changed its name to Arcosa Lightweight.
Are there any changes to my payment/remittance information?
Our bank account information and lock box addresses remain the same. The only change necessary to checks/payments is to change the Payee to the appropriate Arcosa entity (Arcosa Aggregates, Arcosa Lightweight, etc.).
Are there any changes to the business hours and/or operations of Arcosa locations?
No. All current business operations and plant hours remain the same.
How does the spinoff affect current contracts and/or purchase orders with Trinity Materials or Trinity Lightweight?
All contracts executed with Trinity remain valid under Arcosa. Arcosa is retaining the above Trinity names following the spinoff and changing their names to Arcosa over a 6 month period. The name change and subsequent spin-off have no effect on the rights, obligations, liabilities, and/or commitments under existing contractual relationships. If you or your company would like to issue a new PO/Contract with the Arcosa name updated, please contact your sales representative.
Will we need to update EIN/Tax ID number information?
No. The EIN number has not changed.
Are there any changes being made to the current Terms and Conditions?
We simply changed the entity names from Trinity to Arcosa at this time.
Will I need to fill out a new credit application?
No. All credit accounts and account numbers have carried over to Arcosa unchanged.
Will phone numbers be changing?
No. All personnel and office phone numbers remain the same.
Will Email addresses be changing?
Yes! The email address domain has changed from to (e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is now This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The email addresses will continue to work for the next 90 days, but will need to be updated thereafter. Please update our email address now.
Does my company need to submit a new Tax Exempt Form?
Yes. Even though we are retaining the Trinity name for six months, we require an updated Tax Exempt Form within that time frame. Please contact your sales representative for assistance.
How can I obtain updated SDS sheets from Arcosa?
If needed, please contact your sales or quality control representative for an updated SDS sheet with the Arcosa name change.


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